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off the tree…

Fresh-figs2 copy

Fresh-figs2 copy

Today, one of my new neighbors brought me these fresh off the trees figs from a fig tree in our neighborhood. Sadly, I've only previously had figs in dried or Newton form so it was to my surprise and delight how refreshing these were compared the versions I've previously had. Fresh figs have a sweet, floral, chewy flesh and crunchy edible seeds. They're high in calcium and antioxidants and currently in season. So if you don't have an awesome neighbor to bring you some fresh off a tree {Thanks Elisa!}, they should still be available at your local grocery store.

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Fun thing to do with figs if you have guests, figs are best friends with goat cheese and if you take some really soft goat cheese in a pastry bag you can fill the fruit with a little squirt, wrap in pancetta and fridge them for a bit. Then fire up the grill and let the pancetta get crispy (If your not a meat eater skip the panetta) your mouth will be alive with the MOST amazing flavor ever!

  2. it’s funny that you never had a fresh fig. I’m an italian guy and I come from South of Italy and there fig trees are very, very common. I live in Milan now, but I love come back in Puglia (my region) and gather some fresh figs to eat immediately.
    p.s. sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.

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