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a 25 course omakase in {los angeles}…



For a recent celebration, Bob and I decided to treat ourselves to a 25 course omakase dinner at Sushi Zo in Los Angeles. 25 courses may sound insane, but fear not, each course included just one piece of sushi…each with instructions by the waitress whether or not we should be using soy sauce {they prefer some dishes be eaten as prepared without the addition of soy sauce}. Arrive at Sushi Zo ready to eat and have no restraints. Not for the faint at heart, Sushi Zo offers up omakase-only sushi including some common favorites like tuna, salmon, and yellow tail…as well as some less common {and more earthy} creatures of the sea like uni, squid noodle, and rare scallop. When I asked the waitress when it would be over, she said replied, "whenever you say so." So we chose to stop at 25, although I would have been happy stopping a few courses earlier. A great spot for special occasions and for the adventurous!

{20 of the 25 courses shown above. iPhone photos by Oh Joy}


  1. ooh! i’ve been looking for an omakase course to take my dad to since he -loves- sushi~ i was looking into sasabune, but sushi zo looks deeeelicious! too bad i can’t eat raw fish… :p

  2. Mmmm looks delicious! I just took my boyfriend to Morimoto (Philly) for his birthday and it was amazing!! I would do it again in a heartbeat… Happy Friday!

  3. Wow, I love sushi I bet you are spoiled for great places in LA… we have one decent place in Bristol, UK… you have made me want to visit for lunch now!

  4. Try Sasabune for omakase in LA, too! It’s on a random part of Wilshire and is SO delicious. I love the sign when you walk in: “No California Rolls. No Tuna Rolls.”


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