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an italian paradise in {new york}…






While in New York last week for my book party, I was told by Mari that I MUST go to Eataly while in town. Mario Batali's Italian mega gourmet market is exactly what its name implies. A mecca of Italian bites and delights housed within a beautiful and grand space that's essentially a grocery store with restaurants and tasting rooms. It combines a mix of things to taste on the spot with plenty of ingredients to buy and make a feast at home. There's so much to be seen and tasted here that I couldn't even capture it all in photos. Do yourself a favor, New Yorkers, and run, don't walk…

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Booked a special trip in Nov. just to check this out and I cannot wait! Also hoping to check out the Brooklyn Flea and Mast Bros. Chocolate Factory. Already have a res. at Minetta Tavern, and going to shoot for one at Momofuku Ko. It’s going to be a jam packed couple of days!

  2. oh my goodness, i am OBSESSED with eataly! it is entirely overwhelming in there, and i suggest going during the off-hours (and NEVER on a saturday). i have never been so inspired by food in all my life!

  3. alice q. foodie, you will love the brooklyn flea! don’t skip it, no matter what you do. (their selection of food carts along the back of the flea is the very best part, and that is saying something.)

  4. This is incredible right ? I’m gonna post this week about it too, I was there and I LOVED IT.
    thanks for sharing

  5. Oh! Thank you for this post! I was just in NYC and couldn’t remember the name or deets but remembered that there was an Italian place I wanted to try… this is on the list for next visit for sure!

  6. i love this – just looking at the photos make me happy. where i live (seoul) it’s impossible to find this kind of fresh produce. i long for those days when i lived in NYC!! thanks for sharing the photos though – at least i can try to imagine what it all tastes like.

  7. ok, if you like italian delicatessen so much i officially invite you in rome for the best cacio e pepe pasta ever!
    i love your blog so much that i want to give something in return to thank you.
    promise i’d take you everywhere in the city and around! CIAO 🙂

  8. Oh WOW!
    I have never seen anything like that… must pay a visit to my local deli at lunch… I am now craving some meat!

  9. Hi Joy –
    Glad you liked Eataly. It is sooo amazing. I live nearby and it’s hard to not go every day.
    Alice Q – Mast Bros. chocolate in williamsburg is wonderful. They have a salt & pepper flavor that is fantastic. There are 2 other places on the same block that you shouldn’t miss (if you like furniture and housewares, that is!) Voos, in the same building as Mast Bros. and features furniture and accessories designed by NYC based artists, and Task, which is across the street. Have fun!


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