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{closet & casa} with emersonmade…



who: Emerson, Owner/Designer of EmersonMade

in her closet: To choose a favorite clothing item would be impossible because so many pieces have my affection! To choose favorites will mean that there are some sullen dresses hanging in the closet. And there's nothing worse than a sullen dress, am I right?! However, this peacock blue and green dress from my collection of 1950's party dresses is always a stunner. This kind of dress is a confection—it exists purely for the sake of delight. Things in that category generally put me into ThrillOverDrive. I love them, and this dress is the perfect example of that.

in her casa: This peacock blue record player! Records + color! Please, Lord, whoever invented the record player give me more of that sort of invention. The wrist hovers over the vinyl as the slender fingers drop the needle ‘whirrrrrr, pop, pop, clickity, pop’, and then the music starts. It's beautiful, it's nostalgic, it's imperfect and perfectly so. Every night we turn that record player on, and meal time is transformed into something to remember.

{photos by Emerson}


  1. wow…I don’t know where to start. I adore Emerson made and this closet & case is my new very fave! 🙂 That dress…woah, that dress! What a gorgeous color and definitely makes me very happy! And the record player plus, description makes me wish for the very same thing! Gorgeous!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! the dress is amazing. 🙂 anyone know where I can find that record player?


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