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secret society…



I love secret societies…special keys, secret passwords, and the allure of being part of something super fancy and special. What's better than a secret society, however, is one that involves food being delivered to your door in a cute burlap bag. While I haven't tried these myself, yet, the monthly bags from The Telltale Society has been my newest favorite gift to give. Filled with preserves, confections, cookies and cakes, both sweet and savory…it's literally a mixed bag that just about anyone would love…

{photos by The Telltale Society}


  1. omigod-I love this!! I have to pick someone to send it to asap. I can’t get over the lovely fatty-fatness of the sugar-brushed boule.

  2. I have been struhuhuhuggling to figure out a bday present for my sister. This idea is PERFECT–order placed! Thanks so much for posting this. 🙂

  3. Ooooooooooo I love to think I give the best gifts and am always looking for things like this to add to my list of go-to’s for those I don’t know so well… thank you!


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