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happy friday + tokyo toes…



Happy Friday friends! I'm working on recapping more of my trip to Japan and will have some fun shopping treats to share next week. While I bought mostly gifts for family, I had the chance to treat myself to a couple things, too! So today I leave you with a snapsnot of a pair of flats I bought in Tokyo…kind of perfect for fall {because they're covered in a felt or wool} but mixed with a bit of sparkle…how could I not? I love the contrast of woolly warmth and summer sparkle. Stay tuned next week for more home decor finds from Japan! Have a great weekend all! {Oh, and I am still recovering from this meeting and correspondance last night!}

{flats from Matsuya in the Ginza District of Tokyo, rug from Ikea.}


  1. it might be time for a cocktail.. the first thought I had re: the rug pattern, was golf course.. not a bad thing, but not as nice as the sparkled toe clevege.. yay. friday.

  2. I take that back.. no cocktail. My spelling is already impaired. c.l.e.v.A.g. and still not even 5 o’clock.. bother. Should have shot for Décolletage… blaze of glory et al.


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