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recent encounters of the floral kind…



If you've read this blog for a bit, you may know I have a mild obsession with florals in quirky shaped vessels. So this post almost makes me hyperventilate at the awesomeness involved.


Kelly of Yes, Please and Bash Please created this amazing lady {top two} for a recent event filled with a medley of color and flora perfection. If I had my way, I'd wear a full floral headdress every day like this colorful, lucky lady.


Then…weeks ago, my girl Bri spotted & tweeted this amazing duo on display at a shop in Glendale. I instantly became infatuated and went on a mission to find out where they were from. I had assumed they were vintage and one-of-a-kind until an email from Floral Art LA made it's way to my inbox, and voila…the mystery was solved. It gets even better…a couple days later…the doorbell rings and…


…a version of this very couple shows up at my door…a gift from Bob who surprised me with this succulent Mr. & Mrs.! It's surely the best addition to our new home thus far. I especially love their assymetrical, semi-mullet hairdo's!

{top two photos by Bash Please, third photo by Floral Art LA, bottom photo by Oh Joy}


  1. that is very cool. i’ve been wanting some succulent plants lately. i’m bad with taking care of plants and i thought these might be easy to care for.

  2. I just found your blog not too long ago and I adore it! I just reposted these bust vases on my blog (via Oh Joy!)- I am smitten with them!


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