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{closet & casa} with jamie coulter…



who: Jamie Coulter, co-owner of / aka ‘The Sexy Half’

in her closet: This particular vintage dress belongs to my rad business partner, Jen. However, I’m convinced it looks best on me…and I pay others cash to tell me so. My closet likes to keep it for safekeeping. Me in this dress = me at the casbah in a sweet 70’s kaftan ~ BOOM!

in her casa: I bought this Anthopologie rug for my new place, and I’m obsessed. I love the large graphic Moroccan print. This dhurrie be rockin’ my floor in a big way.

{photos by Jen & Jamie}


  1. oh goodness!
    i have to tell you one thing, i dont usually leave comments but here we go, i feel like it this time: everytime i go through your blog, i feel full of good things, inside. this blog helps me enrich my soul <3


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