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the cutest little cake i ever did see…



…a sponge cake that looks like watermelon and dotted with chocolate chip seeds?!? It's melting my heart as it finds its way into my stomach this very second! You can find this little guy {and more} from the Chinese bakery, JJ Bakery, in Arcadia…

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Ok, I have to be honest and say that Chinese desserts are usually not that great (IMHO). I am half Chinese, so trust me I have eaten a lot of them…buuuttt, this one actually looks good!

  2. That is incredible! Did you know that watermelons were discovered in africa?? can you imagine how popular you’d be if you were the person that discovered them!?

  3. ah! my goodness i miss jj bakery and din tai fung so much! probably one of my favorite plazas on the west coast. too many good things in one place!


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