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{closet & casa} with the girls with glasses…



who: Brooke White, Singer-Songwriter / Summer Bellessa, Editor of ELIZA Magazine / Together, they star in The Girls with Glasses Show

in brooke's closet: It was Beatle's week on American Idol, and the song I selected was "Here Comes the Sun". I saw this quirky Karen Zambos dress, and I had to have it…a little to literal? Perhaps. It was an awkward performance, but I loved the dress…and I still do. Simon Cowell on the other hand, hated it…of course 🙂

in brooke's casa: I adore yellow, and I also have a serious thing for the 70's. Unfortunately, I didn't exist in that decade so I like to pretend that I did by listening to Carol King's Tapesty, wearing my hair feathered like Farrah, and placing retro yellow Lamps on the table next to my bed.

in summer's closet: Designed by Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique, this dress is pure perfection from the deep periwinkle to the amazingly flattering fit. It wasn't found in an exotic place, although Last Chance can be a bit of an adventure. It just goes to show you, the price tag doesn't always reflect something's value.

in summer's casa: I needed a massive piece of art to finish off our office, but I couldn't afford what I wanted. So I settled for a thrift store and bought a terribly ugly huge 80's style painting and created my own motif. This Beatles lyric resonated with me, and now the painting is a giant reminder to stay true to myself.

{photos by Brooke + Summer}


  1. These girls are SO cute (and I loved Brooke on American Idol)! Just watched a bunch of their videos. I wanna live in their retro Kate Spade world — dreamy!
    p.s. I’m pretty sure I’d kill someone for that yellow Karen Zambos dress too.

  2. Love this, as usual! Such gorgeous dresses and great stories behind all. I particularly love Summer’s story about her artwork. What a great piece she made out of her thrift market find. Awesome…

  3. Saw Brooke and Summer at the Alt Summit. ‘Loved their event with Kate Spade. Girls with Glasses – fun, fun, fun!


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