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{oh joy eats lunch with} aran goyoaga…



It's been a while since we've had a virtual lunch with some of my favorite foodie folks in the design and food world. So I'm thrilled to pick up the series today with the amazing Aran Goyoaga and get an inside peek into what she's enjoying for her mid-day meal…

Who  Aran Goyoaga, food writer, stylist and photographer

Where  at my home in Palm Beach County, Florida

Time Noon

What's a typical lunch for you? usually a salad…like this homemade creamy and crunchy mushroom, walnut and mascarpone quinoa with a fried egg and watercress salad {recipe here}.

What's your dream/ideal lunch? a simple picnic with my cheese, fruit and bread on a green pasture in New Zealand.

Dessert with lunch?  I usually have a little something. Today it was pear and cranberry crumble.

{photo by Aran}


  1. Ooh…awesome! Is this going to be a new series hun? Love it! And love Aran….I don’t know how you stay so svelte and in shape with your love of food! I have the same love but, don’t stay nearly as tiny! argh. 🙂

  2. Hello! Aran is an inspiring person and a generous soul. I love the way she’s united her passion for food and photography. You can sense so much through her work. even if you don’t like a certain recipe, there’s always a story there to love. She’s gifted indeed.


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