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{closet & casa} with nicolette owen…



who: Nicolette Owen, Floral Designer

in her closet: I treasure handmade pieces from friends, and these beauties were designed by my dear friend Fay Andrada. I've worn them nearly everyday since I got them so in turn she ended up naming them "the Nicolette's"!

in her casa: This antique milk crate table was a surprise gift from my friend's father! Miles is an excellent craftsman, and I've been admiring his woodwork for years. I recently redid my living room {I painted it dusty pink!} and it was the perfect addition with the beautiful wood top and metal frame—I love it! I feel so lucky to have one of his pieces in my home.

Thanks Nicolette!

{photos by Nicolette & Miles}


  1. Great pick this week! Those earrings are gorgeous — lucky girl, have always wanted a piece of jewelry named for me! Nicolette’s floral design is amazing as well.


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