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fun with friends…



During the photo shoot for the new collection, Jen & Jamie asked a few of their friends to join in on the glitzy superstar action. This meant…putting on a cute outfit, getting our hair & makeup done professionally, putting on a {or several} to our heart's content, then making silly faces in their sexy shiny mylar photo booth…um, how could we say no?!? Here are a few fun shots from the day. You might see some familiar faces here for sure…role call: Bri, Amanda, Elizabeth, Jaimi, Catherine, Jen, Lydia, Shoko, Jaime, Margaux, and I'm in the polka dotted dress!} — Joy

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  1. i blogged about these photos yesterday because i loved them so much! everything looks so girlie and fun! i had no idea that was you in the polka dots! those were my e!!!


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