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I have deep affection towards any kind of "something of the month" club…whether it be bacon, fruit, cheese {or shoes!}, so I love the idea of sending these artisanal jam sessions to the fruit jam enthusiasts in my life. Dagstani & Sons in Denver makes small-batch jam that is sourced locally, organic, and wild whenever possible for pairings that are out of this world. I had a chance to taste the Meyer Lemons and Cara Cara Oranges and the Pear Vanilla jams, and they taste like grown-up candy in a jar. I partnered the Pear Vanilla jam with goat cheese, mixing the sweetness of the jam with the slightly tart goat cheese for a creamy, salty, and sweet version of cheese and crackers… — Joy

{top photo by Michael Wright, bottom photos by Oh Joy, jam from Dagstani & Sons*}


  1. Oh what a great idea; perhaps I’ll find some time this weekend to do the same!
    My favorite definitely has to be fig, au fromage de chèvre!

  2. mmm… the goat cheese and pear vanilla jam combo sounds like heaven! my mouth is watering just thinking about it and looking at your picture… can’t wait to share this with my readers! Thanks for discovering Dagstani & Sons!
    xo, Jeanne

  3. I love anything and everything in a jar. I just started putting jams on chicken and pork for that extra sweetness. Goes really well with basmati rice as well. I will definitely give this a try.
    Thank you!

  4. I was at a dinner party and the host paired a garlic and onion jelly with goat cheese on crackers and it tastes nothing like that. There is some balsamic in it and all you taste is this sweet goodness.
    I have the jam, just need the goat cheese….

  5. From a lucky Denver local, let me tell you, there is an ever growing Dagstani and Sons following! We literally gather and talk about what new delectable combination will appear each week! From the traditional sourdough toast, to ice cream, to…well anything your mind says…ohhh, tastebuds will like….you gotta get some!


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