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walking on a rainbow…



I was perusing through the Life archives yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this photo by Henry Groskinsky. This colorful moment features the work of artist Gene Davis painting the street leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art back in 1972. I used to live right near here {I could have seen this out my window!} when I lived in Philly so it feels extra special…and so, so fun! — Joy

{photo by Henry Groskinsky via Life archives}


  1. I am shrieking in my apartment right now! I live in Philly and last night I happened to discover through a friend on facebook. I then happened to come across this same photo on notcot! The picture totally spoke to me and the fact that you have just posted it on your site today makes me realize I must buy this piece. They actually sell it through Life magazine’s archives. So exciting!!!!! Love your site!

  2. Hey! One of my blogging favorites wrote about this last week. Do you read ali + curtis? Totally up your alley. She wrote about this last week too.


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