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{closet & casa} with ethanollie…



who: Kimberly Ludy, Owner of Ethanollie

why kimberly rocks: The vintage pieces she has in her etsy shop are right up my alley! Completely affordable and totally unique!

in her closet: The shift is a rare purchase from Target. I tend to gravitate towards simple designs but always with a detail that makes the whole thing come together. In my imagined life, I spend a lot of time in beautifully designed, handmade clothes. But in reality, I don't put so much thought and time into clothes shopping and usually find myself grabbing something off a rack somewhere when the mood strikes me… pretty ironic for a girl who was a garment design major in college!

in her casa: My pottery collection is a mix of vintage and antiques and modern designs from indie designers and potters, namely Michael Mcdowell, Inkypots, Zoe Wyner and others. I tend to like organic shapes with a lot of irregularity that shows the marks of the hands that made it.

Thanks Kimberly!

{photos by Kimberly}


  1. Thanks for the post! I checked out the etsy shop and she has a great collection of vintage items. I’m loving the mid century salt and pepper service and mid century modern lamp.


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