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When working from home, I often find myself forgetting about lunch {too engrossed in work} or too lazy to whip up something from scratch. So I love it when I can stock my freezer with a few staples that make an easy lunch even more special with a few fresh toppings…like these Gorditas from Trader Joe's! The corn masa pouches are filled with cheese, beans, and roasted chile. I love topping them with sour cream, corn salsa, and hot peppers {shown above}…or another favorite topper…avocados and bacon jam! — Joy


  1. I didn’t know they had gorditas! Are they in the baked goods section or I guess if they are stuffed, they are frozen?

  2. I saw those the other day when I was there and didn’t know if they’d be good or not. I’m so getting them on my next trip. Thanks, Joy!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I definitely recommend toasting them in a toaster oven (I do it on the high setting once, then the medium setting once) which makes it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

  4. Hi Joy, I’ve been a lurker fan, my first time to comment. 🙂 Just a heads up, I know you also like pupusa like I do. Costco has them in 2-5packs by Del Real Foods. It’s fully cooked cheese & bell pepper pupusas…sooo good! I always stock up so I have it handy for when my craving kicks in. You can find it in the aisle where cheese, tamales and salsa are.

  5. I will definitely have to pick these up the next time I am at Trader Joe’s. I love having quick & easy things in the freezer. Also how did I miss this bacon jam – I am gonna be on the lookout for that. Sounds yummy!


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