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{closet & casa} with emily henderson…



who: Emily Henderson, HGTV Design Star and host of Secrets from a Stylist. She's also an intense cat lover, marathon cuddler and frequent cryer while watching romance movies. 

why emily rocks: I saw Joy's living room completely transformed after Emily designed it on her new show! I can't wait till you guys see it, you will be green with envy! And Emily is really funny, and I like that.

in her closet: While vintage is my usual game, this floral dress by Joie is super comfortable. It has shoulder pads which makes it instantly flattering and perfect padding for my narcolepsy (the 80's were on to something). The pattern is fun without having too much contrast so it looks easy and effortless to wear…which is always my game.

in her casa: I have a thing for vintage floral fabrics. People are effing terrified of florals. I have met the first 16 clients for the show, and no on wants floral. NO ONE. So it's almost made my cause even stronger. What's wrong with flowers? They are beautiful little sculptures that evoke happiness of spring, and they're always different. I love large scale, modern colored florals that don't say granny, instead they say "lets have a couple drinks in a garden together and pretend its warm all year round". And while people associate florals with pinks, I prefer them in blues, greens with pops of pinks, reds and yellows.  They don't always have to be uber girly, they can just be uber happy. 

Thanks Emily!

ps. Secrets from a Stylist premieres on HGTV Saturday, February 26th at 9pm. Check out Emily's blog for all behind the scenes tips, gossip, mistakes and regrets. We'll be posting more details about Joy's episode, too, as it gets closer!

{portrait photo by HGTV, bottom left photo by Teri Lyn Fisher, remaining photos by Emily}


  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing Secrets of a Stylist. I think people are afraid of florals because they’ve seen so many people that love flowers,but don’t necessarily have design skill… ending up with a big ole granny mess! That said, I love a pretty floral pattern myself, and will think about incorporating some into my home.

  2. AHH. I love her. I rooted for her when she was on The Next Design Star. Her style and personality is so cute an fun. Thanks for sharing! I’m also soooo jealous of Joy and her living room makeover experience.


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