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  1. I have had curly wavy hair my whole life and I when I was a kid, my mom use to hide my straightening iron! She was convinced my hair would fall out! I guess you always want what ya don’t have.

  2. Here’s a little something to try if you want some waves. When your hair is just towel dry, put on some curl enhancer (i.e. moose or cream), then take about 2 inch sections of hair and twist until its tight. Then twirl the end up and pin to your head. Do that all over your hair. Spray with a little hairspray, then let air dry. Blast with some heat just before you take them out. Voila! I swear it works.
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  3. I am in love with the bottom left photo. Just gorgeous… the rose pedals brings out all the hues in her complexion! And HELLO umbrella~ Fits so perfectly with the curves of her neck.


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