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happy friday + shopping fun…



Before the holidays, the Americana at Brand {an outdoor luxury mall in the Glendale area of LA} asked Bob and I to be part of their taste-maker ad campaign this year featuring different LA locals every month and where they love to shop. All we had to do was shop at our favorite stores and someone would photograph us doing so. Um, not too bad, hunh? We instantly said heck, yeah! Even better, the photographer was none other than my good friend Bonnie Tsang, so it made the day even more fun and laid back…like we were just hanging out with friends. The ad will be in local magazines, {like Los Angeles Magazine} in March…and you just may see us "hanging around" on signage at the Americana as well. Thanks to the Americana for having us and Bonnie for her beautiful photos! Today I leave you with a few of my favorite shots and outtakes from the day…followed by the final ad {which you can see larger right here}. My favorite part was the farmer's market and the petting zoo {that bunny melted my heart}! Have a great weekend all! โ€” Joy

{All photos by Bonnie Tsang. Ad design by Cleo Murnane. Clothing is our own…my blazer & tank from J.Crew, shoes from Aerosoles, flower corsage by; Bob's tie from Reform School, shoes by Paul Smith.}


  1. I have yet to find anything you do that doesn’t delight in some way. If I got one wish, it would be an updated listing of blogs you love. I’ve been perusing your list and so many of them are abandoned but beautiful playhouses. Though as I type this, I’m sort of laughing at my own greed. Nevermind, go shopping…

  2. Hi Tracy!
    Thanks! and Ha, I actually just removed that link…its such a long list to keep up with so I just decided to remove it!

  3. Those are the cutest shoes! What an awesome ad campaign, these are the types of things that actually get me interested in a place. I love the Americana because it one of 2 places in the L.A. area where there is a Madewell!

  4. Hi Natalie,
    I agree! I love Madewell…and with the Jcrew right across and Kate Spade around the corner..its kinda perfect ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Oh my, how fun is that?! I’d love to be photographed with the boyfriend as well, as we shop around, or do our silly random things. And best part is, the two of you look really good in the photos!
    Btw, am hosting my very first giveaway! So do pop by and join in the fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  6. aww! such a cute shoot. bonnie is so good and of course you and bob are so adorable! the bunny melted my heart too. at first glance i thought it was your pet! LOL i could totally see you having a bunny as a pet. rabbit cho.

  7. If you were to look up “Painfully Adorable” in the Urban Dictionary – there’s no definition, only an image of you holding a bunny.

  8. I feel like playfully slapping Bob with that stripped tie – it’s perfection and he know’s it. You two are too smart! LOVE!!

  9. OMG, these shots are goregous! You look divine my dear. I so look forward to the day that I might get to work with Bonnie – I’m such a fan of hers. Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love that purse you are carrying…I believe it is white or cream? Do you know where you got it? Thank you and you two look sooo cute:)


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