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{make it} neapolitan s’mores…





I received a package of Whimsy & Spice's rose vanilla marshmallows for Valentine's Day from this little friend {and her mom}. So I pulled out stock from my sweet pantry and decided to whip up some Neapolitan S'mores using the rose vanilla marshmallows, these coconut marshmallows, Charles Chocolates crisped rice bar, and good 'ole fashioned graham crackers.

Simply cut each marshmallow in half, join the two halves together, then toast them with the chocolate and bottom graham cracker in the toaster oven. When it comes out, the marshmallows will be toasty and gooey…and the chocolate nice and melted. Top it with the 2nd cracker, and you've got a pink, white, and chocolate extravaganza for your taste buds. I went super fancy with rose vanilla, toasted coconut, and crisped rice chocolate, but you can make it simpler with white and pink plain marshmallows and solid dark or milk chocolate..or dark chocolate with sea salt {my favorite s'mores chocolate}… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Joy, what a fabulous treat! Your culinary creativity always makes me jump for joy!
    I adore whimsy & spice’s vanilla rose marshmallows and served them at a floral tea party. But now I think I know what I’ll be making for my next tea gathering…


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