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{closet & casa} with lauren willhite…



who: Lauren Willhite, Blogger and Graphic Designer

why lauren rocks: She's got a keen eye for color, let me tell you! Her blog always keeps me updated on the current color trends.

in her closet: This is new and already a favorite. Someday I will own a garment from Shabd, but until then this silk blouse from Nordstrom satisfies my need for tie dye.

in her casa: This cluster of treasures in the living room area always makes me smile. I pulled my old collections from the storage space last year and found some goodies! As a child I collected rocks and butterflies and have always believed there's something magical about jars of glitter.

Thanks Lauren!

{photos by Lauren}


  1. Just had the pleasure of working with Lauren on a small design job.
    She’s a lovely lady and a talented and responsive graphic designer to boot!


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