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  1. Joy! These look yummy! Have you had their macaroons? Delicious…we had them at our wedding and everyone was in love. Welp, no choice but to go to Bouchon and try those:) Happy Monday!

  2. Bouchon Bakery and the restaurant are a must do when I go to Vegas! Glad you shared these. I haven’t tried them yet. Have you tried the Canyon Ranch Spa Restaurant? They make their own ginger ale!!!

  3. Oh my gosh. Why do I always read your blog when I’m hungry? I’m totally contemplating ditching my salad and going to Billy’s Bakery for a treat.

  4. I crave TKO’s at least 15 times a week. In fact, my husband and I take day trips up to Yountville so that I can get my TKO fix. They are just SO good.

  5. I love these! My boyfriend works by Bouchon in NYC and I always make him bring me treats from there: TKOs, macaroons, croissants…etc. I’m spoiled 🙂


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