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There's a reason these magical pillows of sweetness are called Cloud Cookies. They are light, airy, chewy, and something I imagine the clouds might actually be made of up in heaven. Made by Bunches & Bunches, the cookies are part meringue, part macaroon, and totally light, airy, flaky, and chewy with a touch of coconut…a combination of crispy and chewy that I've never experienced before. It melts in your mouth like butter… — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy, cookies from Bunches & Bunches* which can be ordered right here}


  1. When I first saw the photo in my feed, I thought it was ice cream! These look so good. I’m getting some right after I click “post”.

  2. I love all your food postings! These look especially great, but I love when you add recipe’s that you like…can you add more!


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