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happy friday + spring bows…



With April around the corner, mini bows are finding their way into my wardrobe big time…they feel like the perfect extra dose of icing on top of the cake. Thanks so much for all your nice words and support about our SFAS episode & my Target notebooks this week. I really can't say it enough, but your support means so much! Have a great weekend folks! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy, shoes by Bettye Muller for BHLDN – only 37 pairs were made!}


  1. Those shoes make me sick. I may actually butter up my ladies 9 1/2 and try to force my feet into them and never give them back. 😀

  2. The shoes are adorable! I am really loving little bows these days too. Also, saw you on Secrets from a Stylist and loved every minute. So perfect.

  3. OoOoo, simply can’t wait for those notebooks. Been a fan of ours for a looong time. And loved seeing you on the’re just as sweet and funny as I thought you would be if not more. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  4. I always love these shoe shots! I’m so jealous that it’s getting warm out there in CA. We’re still freezing on the East Coast!

  5. I, too, love those shoes. But who, pray tell, made the carpet you are standing on? I’m a sucker for texture.

  6. Hi Joy!
    My fiance and I just finished watching your episode on HGTV. You and your husband are so adorable. 🙂 (And your living room looks great!)
    Have a great day!

  7. awwww, so happy you got a pair! I’ve (amazingly) still managed to hold out on BHLDN shoes. I know that won’t last much longer!


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