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neapolitan pizza paradise in {los feliz}…





Ever since moving to the West Coast a couple years ago, I've found that there are a some East Coast staples that are pretty hard to reproduce over here…really good pizza being one of them. Just last week, a new neapolitan style pizzeria opened right by us, and my pizza cravings can now be fulfilled. Being the pizza fanatic that I am {we embarked on an all-day self-initiated pizza tour of New York before we moved out here}, I'm pretty psyched about Mother Dough being just minutes away. The neapolitan style pizza is thin in the middle, doughy around the edge, chewy, yet a bit crisp and toasty from the 850 degree oven. The melted buffalo mozzarella sits on top fresh San Marzano tomato sauce for what tastes like the perfect mix of chewy and crispy crust, fresh and light sauce, and gooey mozzarella cheese. This place is sure to become a regular for us. — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. NYC just lost THE BEST pizza joint to SF… if you’re remotely close to the bay area stop in to Una Pizza Napoletana and have a pie for me

  2. Ooh!! Thank you for posting this! We live in L.A. and I can’t tell you how many pizza places we have been to in search of the ‘perfect’ pizza. 16 years and we’re still looking (especially since our favorite joint in Westwood and Santa Monica closed down). I can’t wait to try this!!!

  3. The Buffalo Mozzarella makes all the difference in the world. When I was living in Italy it wasn’t so much the cooking that was better, but the ingredients are so much fresher! 🙂
    This looks pretty damn fresh..and delish! I know what I’m having for dinner.

  4. Joy – next time you’re in the Bay Area, i highly recommend Zachary’s Pizza in Oakland. Best deep-dish I’ve had on the west coast!

  5. Im so glad you moved to my neighborhood, Joy!! I tried this place last night after seeing your post.. it was sooo good! There was also a nice little selection of beers too. I love the grandma pizza from Tomato Pie and anything at Mozza (especially the meatballs).. but Mother Dough is up there with them.. and it was really cute inside. I’m a NY’er and happy to have those 3 in the area, for sure.
    Keep posting Los Feliz places!! yay!

  6. I went last weekend with my boyfriend, it was delicious! One thing you didn’t mention was the dessert, the oven roasted pears were amazing.
    Thanks for posting this, I have been looking for a neopolitan pizza place in LA for a couple years now.

  7. hi selby,
    so glad you liked it!
    oh, i wanted dessert so bad but i was a bit under the weather that day and couldnt eat any more.
    im getting dessert next time for sure ;P

  8. Oh man. I’ve been living in Haiti for the past month. Truly good pizza is unobtainable for me (no oven where I am living, can’t even bake my own!) THIS. IS. TORTURE.
    I’m now obsessively reading all the recent food posts. Can’t stop!


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