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{closet & casa} with britni wood…



who: Britni Wood, Content Editor and Stylist for BHLDN {and former style editor at Martha Stewart Weddings}

why britni rocks: Even though I'm not married yet, the designs that Brittni and the folks at BHLDN have created give me loads of inspiration for that someday.

in her closet: I have a weakness for crinoline, and this dance costume from the 1930's is the perfect mix of color, texture, and pattern. I love the chevron stripes and gold banding on the mint green skirt. It's a little tattered in places, but that only makes me love it more. I like to think a magnificent dancer with the Ballets Russes once donned this little ditty.

in her casa: Italian pottery is on my shortlist of things I love to collect, and this handsome pair was found at the Antique Showplace on 25th street in Manhattan. You wouldn't believe some of the gems I've uncovered there. The hand-painted gold leaf and etched surface makes this piece so charming and unusual.

Thanks Britni!

{photos by Britni}


  1. that dress is beautiful. that green is my favorite color! i like to call it peridot green, after my birthstone, which i used to hate as a child, lol. but now i just love it 🙂

  2. My initial reaction was to say “If I ever saw that dress in a store I would totally pee my pants!!!” I immediately knew that this would be a very un-ladylike thing to say and tried to come up with something else………………….. I’m still trying. This is the most amazing dress ever. Hopefully she gets tons of wear out of it… and what a cool job. This is inspirational!


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