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{closet & casa} with michael & elizabeth antonia…



who: Michael Antonia, DJ, Owner of The Flashdance / Elizabeth Antonia, Art Director, Designer, Shopkeeper of The Littlest Shop

why michael & elizabeth rock: Michael is the MOST energetic & fun DJ I have ever seen perform, and Elizabeth's curated collection of adorable vintage children's items makes me want a little kiddy of my own…well, almost!

in elizabeth's closet: I became a convert of Mayle while doing design work for her in New York and now have a bit of a collection. This dress is indicative of the style I like best—feminine but not too fussy with a splash of color or an amazing pattern. A dress always makes everything better.

in elizabeth's casa: It's no secret that I have wanderlust. Even though I've lived in France and traveled extensively, my heart belongs in Italy. We have this vintage map of Rome hanging in our bedroom as a constant reminder to walk more, live simply (and well), and to enjoy each day as it comes.


in michael's closet: My favorite item in my closet are my white shoes made by a UK company called Swear. They make me feel like Mick Jagger circa 1967 whenever I wear them!

in michael's casa: My favorite home item, my record shelf, wins by a landslide! It contains all of my old soul/jazz/rock records and books that I have been collecting since I was 9 years old. Even with my pitiful memory I can tell you where I came across every single one of them along with a pretty entertaining story about their significance! There aren't any material items that I value higher than those few thousand pounds of vinyl discs that most people wouldn't even think twice about…which works out great for me!

Thanks M+E!

{photos by Elizabeth, portrait photo by Our Labor of Love, pink sock photo by Feather Love Photography}


  1. Liz and Michael are an amazing family that knows how to live. Liz completely inspires me as a mother. She makes it look easy and fun. Love you guys xo

  2. Super stylish! Liz always inspired me with her dress sense. She taught me to wear dresses more. Great write up. More on the Antonias please!

  3. The only thing missing from this simply sheek write up is a little bit on Swan. This Encapsulates just how cool these two are!

  4. Swear is more or less a UK brand… is made in Portugal, the company is owned by a portuguese… who happens to live in London.
    Or at least it used to be 🙂


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