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happy friday + a morning with friends…



Every Friday morning, Bri, Jen, and I meet for breakfast. It's an awesome way to end the week and catch up on work and life and girl talk. Today was an especially fun one because photographer Denise Crew captured our outfits for the street style section of The Daily. I'll be sure to share her fun photos when they're out, but for now wanted to share a peek that we captured on my camera phone! Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{iphone photo of…left to right…Bri, Jen, and I}


  1. ha Joy, Thanks for correcting that; would have bet my horse on you being in the middle after seeing your awesome photos while prepping for HGTV’s Secrets From a Stylist!:)

  2. Fabulous mix of colour. I love how each of you have a touch of pink. You didn’t co-ordinate this beforehand did you? 😉


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