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morning budino…



Earlier this week, I had a lunch meeting at Gjelina, one of my all time favorite spots on the West side. Luckily, with four women in the group, there was no question whether dessert would be ordered or not. The butterscotch budino is ranks high as one of my favorites, and I love how it's served in a coffee cup. Wouldn't be a bad thing to wake up to, hunh? — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Hi Kanelstrand,
    Its basically butterscotch pudding! (Budino means pudding in Italian). This version is thicker and more rich than the kind we all probably had as a kid!

  2. Joy, your post with the pancake and lemon custard earlier in the week has given me the biggest craving that still has not gone away! Now you’ve gone and done this…I love you and hate you all at the same time! A girl does not need to be tempted so much. Then again, I won’t object to another food post, and I promise my love for you and your blog is far greater than my hatred towards your delicious food posts that always seem to be staring me in the face.

  3. It is hands down my absolute favorite dessert. So amazing! Only bad thing about Gjelina is it is located directly across the street from where I work out which causes me to want this dessert three times a week!

  4. so excited! going there friday and must try this! i always have a list of foods/places to try after reading your blog.


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