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the prettiest easter eggs…


Elisa-parhad-eggs1 Elisa-parhad-eggs2

While lunching with my neighbor Elisa a couple months ago, she told me about the colorful Easter eggs she whips up every year. So just in time for this weekend's festivities, I had to share these colorfully patterned eggs with you! The eggs in the bottom photo were dyed traditionally using Ukrainian dye and tools, including beeswax and candles, while the top image eggs were simply covered with chap stick and dipped in different colorful dyes. So fun! Thanks Elisa! — Joy

{photos by Teri Lyn Fisher, styling by Emily Henson}


  1. …this is why no woman of child bearing age has white carpet for long. I remember these days. It was if a Walt Disney movie had exploded in the breakfast nook.

  2. Wow these are gorgeous! And I love the styling
    Come by and my L’Artisan Parfumeur giveaway if you like!

  3. Thanks for all your sweet comments!
    Here are some technical details for anyone who’d want to make eggs that blow Paas outta the water. I used traditional techniques of “pysanky” egg art and also some non-traditional methods to make these.
    I used Ukrainian/pysanky egg dyes and tools that can be purchased at
    The thin lines were made by a special tool called a kistka that uses bees wax heated by a candle to keep certain colors underneath.
    The more painterly eggs were done using psyanky dyes and chapstick (to hold certain colors in).
    The dotted eggs were made dripping melted birthday candle wax onto eggs. All this wax has to be taken off by hand using a candle and cloth (except for the chapstick, which is just rubbed dry). Feel free to email me offline with any questions or tips.
    sobojeans (at)

  4. I just want to say a big thank you! I am a fashion design student at university and whenever I lack inspiration I click on your blog and I get a rush of creativity!
    However I do blame you for countless hours of non productiveness due to admiring your blog!! 🙂

  5. Prettiest indeed. I love what you’ve done with the eggs Eisa. They’re colorful. I love it. Even if it’s not Easter anymore, I would love to display these eggs in my living room. They’re so vibrant.

  6. Wow! Please can either of you do a tutorial? I read the details in Elisa’s comment and it sounds so simple, but I don’t get it! A beautiful, colourful, step-by-step would be lovely! 😉 ❤


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