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a hair spray of flowers…


The-nouveau-romantics-hair-piece1 The-nouveau-romantics-hair-piece2

It's been a while since our last weekly farmer's market floral trip! So today, we have a guest contributor, Liz from The Nouveau Romantics, with her creation using under $10 in flowers purchased at…the grocery store! Using mint, blooming allium, and a single peony, she created these beautiful hair pieces perfect for a brunch with Mom next weekend. To attach the flowers, she used green floral tape {to tape the flowers to together in groups} and then attached the flowers to a simple plastic hair comb using floral wire. So easy and so pretty! Thanks Liz!

{photos by Liz}


  1. simply lovely! when i was a young girl, I put wildflowers in my hair for an outdoor wedding. During the ceremony I had bees swarming my head! It sure looked pretty though! hah!

  2. i’m helping my closest friend with her wedding and this is going in the inspiration folder! so classic, so easy, so beautiful!

  3. This is absolutely inspired. The use of fresh flowers makes this hair accent look delicate and pretty. It looks vibrant without overwhelming the eyes. I would indeed be careful about the bees though. I mean, if we find this piece so attractive what more our black and yellow striped friends? 🙂


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