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happy friday + lil’ potatoes…



Happy Friday folks! Thank you so much for your sweet comments, tweets, and emails about our big news earlier this week! It's amazing how supportive and kind you all have been, and I'm so touched. We haven't bought any clothes for baby Cho yet {not till we know if the babe is a he or she}, but I did find this potato onesie that I bought at a craft fair many years ago. I was so far from even considering parenthood at that point but because of my love of potato products, I had to. And, now several years later, it still seems so fitting for our future babe. This little guy would be the perfect pairing with the heart tee I picked up the other day for myself…but I love the message the potato and heart send together, too. Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I love your blog! It inspire my life, my job, my creations…..!!!! I always visit it when things are not so good because you put me up and make me feel so much better!!! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Fantastic news, massive congratulations to you both! Love the lil potato onesie. Funny when I went for my first scan on my youngest it’s what my 5 year old girl proclaimed the baby to look like on the monitor, a little potato! So our lil boy was called the little potato the whole way through my pregnancy! One of these onesies would have been very fitting for him! Enjoy your pregnancy it’s a really magical time. Soak up all the good vibes coming your way ^_^

  3. I love the little potato onesie. My husband and I bought a baby hat just a couple years into our relationship and way before we were even married or talking of kids . . . I can’t wait to put our little Sprout in his/her hat!

  4. Congrats! Oh my goodness! I’ve been following your blog and am so excited for you. I’m due with my first on Oct 29 and look forward to all your baby posts 🙂

  5. Congratulations to you both!! 🙂 Babies make happy homes, or so they say… 😉 You’ll have to buy a Mr. (or Mrs.!) Potato Head to go with that cute little onesie!! 😀

  6. You should check out the EmersonMade kids tees, especially the paper cut heart. Might be too feminine for a boy, but perfect for a little girl.


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