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molecular asian street food in {beverly hills}…



Despite their controversial opening, the Vietnamese-inspired, Red Medicine, explores Southeast Asian street food in a whole new {delicious} way. With big doses of molecular gastronomy in many of the dishes, everything not only looks beautiful, but tastes great too. My favorites include: Chicken Dumplings {in lettuce wraps}, Pintade Fermier {like sweet & sour chicken but better}, Brussels Sprouts {mixed in a Thai fish sauce}, and the Beef Cheek {crispy & delicious}. The desserts have a nice blast of molecular gastronomy, and nothing looks like what you'd expect! We loved the Lemongrass Pots de Creme and the Caramelized Profiteroles {looked like astronaut ice cream!}. They have amazing mixed drink selections {just look at that gorgeous pink drink!} and were even able to make a virgin option for my pregnant self! — Joy

{photos by Red Medicine}


  1. Very nice Joy! The pink drink reminds me of those lava lamps for some reason– ‘a floating fusion’ so to speak. Thank you!;)

  2. What was the controversial opening?
    I’m visiting L.A. in June, and definitely want to go here, if the controversy is not over something terrible — the food looks amazing!

  3. Wow! That drink is stunning! Reminds me of this salad that I ate not too long ago at a restaurant. I actually have a picture of it in my last post–I have a feeling you’d enjoy it 🙂


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