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casual asian influence in {los angeles}…





One of the strengths of LA's food scene, in my opinion, is the diversity of ethic food. Not only is the authenticity level pretty high, but lots of spots here are really good at being influenced by Asian flavors and then turning them into a casual SoCal version of it's original inspiration. Last week, I had lunch at two casual restaurants that do that so well. Take a Bao {top two photos} takes the classic Chinese bao steamed bun that's typically found at dim sum and turns it into a vehicle for making sandwiches. My favorite was the Spicy Citrus Sesame Chicken with its mix of spicy and tangy all housed in that doughy steamed bun. And, that S'mores Bao? Holy cow…so fun! 

Fresheast {bottom photo} incorporates various Asian cuisines and flavors into light, healthy, and summery offerings, like these Korean Chili Noodles which seem inspired by the classic Korean rice and veggie dish, Bi Bim Bap. I love these light and perfect-for-lunch spots to get a little Asian flavor mid-day… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Those Korean chili noodles look amazing! If only we had food like that in Michigan! haha. The way those noodles are presented with the romaine lettuce and bean sprouts looks a little like vietnamese bun as well! Yum!

  2. I love it when you post these LA food tips. My husband thinks I’m so smart when I pass of these tips as my own. I have been to that mall a number of times and never new about Take a Bao. It’s now on my list! Thanks for continuing the LA tour.

  3. Ingrid,
    Happy to have you pass them off as your own! Ha! As long as you guys are getting some good eats, thats all that matters 😉

  4. Ohhhhh please tell me that you’ve found Starry Kitchen in downtown L.A. Don’t get me wrong; these two restaurants look delish. I just saw these photos and was instantly reminded of my meals at Starry Kitchen


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