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{closet & casa} with myra callan…



who: Myra Callan, Owner and Designer of Twigs & Honey

why myra rocks: Her shop has some of the dreamiest hair adornments I have ever seen! If I was a bride, I would be all over these!

in her closet: I adore anything that Leanne Marshall creates and have been snatching up her dresses since before her Project Runway success. This dress is one of my favorites from her past collection. My personal style is a mix of ultra feminine and masculine attire resulting in both frilly, soft, and more structured articles of clothing in my closet. This dress has that perfect combination. I love the frothy, sheer layers of punchy, patterned silk chiffon paired with the architectural pleating and stripes. The craftsmanship is impeccable. It crisscrosses in the back and has the perfect amount of flounce in the skirt for a nice swing with each step. I actually purchased to specifically wear for my husband’s 30th birthday, so I now have fond memories associated with this lovely, festive number.

in her casa: This quirky vintage mobile was a spontaneous purchase that I spotted on Etsy and just had to have. It was one of those items I knew I'd never find again and would just pine over forever if I didn't get it. The brass horses have such charisma, and their smiles are the sweetest. It winds up, spins and plays a slightly haunting {think ballerina music box}, but sweet, tune that sounds like "Aquarius". I love how it shows wear and patina, and think it would look nice spinning above a crib someday.

Thanks Myra!
— Bri

{photos by Myra}


  1. So fabulous to see Myra from Twigs & Honey on Oh Joy!! She’s amazingly talented and super nice. I also love that she adores Leanne Marshall who is absolutely fantastic in her own right!


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