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Ever since I came back from Harbour Island, where we had fresh coconut water after every workout and watermelon slices to snack on all day, I've been on an island fruit kick! My boxed coconut water just doesn't taste the same. So I've been all about these fresh, young coconuts from the grocery store. We simply drill a hole in it {with a power drill}, stick in a straw, and it's like an instant paradise island. Mixed with some seedless watermelon, ah, so good… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Hi joy,
    That watermelon leaps out of my iPad! Looks so delicious.
    I think I’ve asked you before: what sort of camera do you use? Your
    Images are amazing ( maybe it has a lot to do with the person using it!)

  2. Hi ya!.. try to avoid having metal, the drill bit in your case, to touch coconut water coz it will make it taste sour 🙂

  3. Yay! We use a chisel and a hammer to open our young coconuts (making about a 2.5″ diameter opening) so its easy to scoop the coconut “meat” out from the inside. When I was preggo, I probably had two of these a day, with a wonderful hub who was willing to chisel them open for me continually when I didn’t feel like doing it! Sooooo much better than the boxed…

  4. i’m addicted to coconuts too! I like to open them, pour the water into the blender, scoop out the meat with a spoon and add that to the water, blend them and… wow!! the yummiest most coconutty drink ever.
    here’s a video that demonstrates another way to open them using a butcher cleaver. it works really well and doesn’t require any power tools.

  5. You can find coconut knife in Chinese supermarket. It looks like a wine opener and with a few twist, you make a hole in the coconut . Just FYI fir those who don’t own a power drill

  6. Hi Sarah!
    I use a Nikon D3000 (the newest version of that camera is the D3100)
    I always take my photos in natural indirect light and sometime brighten a bit in photoshop if its overcast!


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