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  1. Hi Joy, I am one of your many silent followers, I love your blog. We (my hubby) and I are travelling around the western States at the moment on a road trip for 7 weeks. We’ve been living in Seattle for the last 3.5 years and are finally seeing a bit of the country before we move to the UK (Scotland). Anyway, I try and make time to check on your news whenever we come across an internet cafe and wanted to say congrats on the news of your baby (to be) girl! I was also wondering if you could do some sort of post on how you and your lovely husband met and how you got to this beautiful point in your lives? It’s always fascinating to hear how people met and came together. Take care, Liesel.

  2. I spent a month in Rome, and I ate gelato every single day and I thought that nothing could be better, but then I wento to Paris e I fell in love with Amorino and those petals!!

  3. There is one in Noumea and last time we drove down there we tried them, they are delicious!! I’m literally counting my days to go back and have a cup again!

  4. I had no idea! Amorino is my fave gelato in the whole world too and here I thought I would have to go back to Paris to get it. Hooray for this sweet news!!!!

  5. I didn’t know they weren’t already in the U.S.! Anyway, Amorino is awesome, and I also love the flower petals 🙂 Nutella flavor is the BOMB


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