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{oh joy eats lunch with} lindsay laricks…



Who  Lindsay Laricks, owner of Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones

Where  Kansas City, Missouri

Time When my stomach reminds me that I need to feed it. Honestly, because I'm juggling so many aspects of my small business, it's not uncommon for me to arrive at 5pm and realized that I completely forgot to have lunch! 

What's a typical lunch for you? My favorite new place to go for lunch in Kansas City: The Genessee Royale Bistro. The chef/owner, Todd, makes simple and beautiful food, like this corned beef sandwich with aged gruyere, spicy dijon mustard, and homemade coleslaw on toasted country french bread. It's accompanied by a perfect sized three bite dollop of potato salad, mixed greens on the side, and a lemonade with a salted rim to drink! 

What's your dream/ideal lunch? If I'm not in Kansas City, then my dream lunch is the Manouri Cheese & Fig sandwich with slices of pear, arugula, and truffle oil at The Smile in NYC with a tall iced latte to drink. Otherworldly… I seriously couldn't speak! 

Dessert with lunch?  If I'm at Genessee Royale, I would get one of their sinfully decadent cookie sandwiches. Totally amazing. I usually share one with friends to lessen the guilt! But I have to mention, I just had THE best donut I've ever experience in my life during a recent trip to NYC from the Dessert Truck's brick and mortar shop. Their Nutella Donut was magical. Fried to order, yet somehow not greasy in the slightest. Light, airy, almost like a beignet. I felt like I was biting into a cloud filled with Nutella. It was heavenly.

Thanks Lindsay!
— Joanna

{lunch photo by Lindsay, photo of Lindsay by Brady Vest}


  1. This just made me so hungry for lunch and it’s only 11:30 where I am! I want to eat everything she just described…starting with the reuben and ending with “a cloud filled with nutella”.

  2. Looks delish and making me hungry too! How do you make these cool picture layout designs with the tape on the picture? Do you use a program in iMAC? I am just curious.

  3. To start, I really enjoy your blog and have followed it for some time now (specifically, the lunch posts). As I looked at this post of yours I was happy to see that Kansas City was being highlighted. I was saddened, however, to see that when reviewing these places you referred to them as being located in Kansas when on the contrary they are both located in Missouri (my home state). I understand the confusion and never hold anyone accountable for that mistake. Being from KCMO I like to see my hometown receive credit for all of the great things it has to offer. Again, great post, just a clerical error.


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