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Over the weekend, I had a serious hankering for a classic apple pie. I only really wanted a slice, but found myself at a bakery where they only sold whole pies. So, I took the plunge, chalked it up to being pregnant, and found myself with an entire apple pie to myself {Bob was out of town for the weekend}. So for a few days straight, I've enjoyed a simple slice of pie for dessert…topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some fresh raspberries from the farmer's market…yum! I'm not sure if that entire pie will get finished, but it's sure been worth every bite so far… — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. omg it looks so delicious specially with the ice cream on the top of it
    I made an apple&cinnamon tart couple weeks ago and it was fantastic ,I uploaded some photos and the recipe on my blog ,my readers loved it so much and i received 2emails thanking me for sharing the recipe.

  2. i too had a pie hankering this weekend (after watching the movie: Waitress) and luckily, found myself at the Atwater Farmers Market where the pie guy sells half size ones. And sugar free too (agave nectar) so my hubby can partake! total score.

  3. When it’s snacking time and I come to your blog I sometimes leave with such craving like I have never experienced before, even during pregnancy. This IS the case. Where in Brazil am I going to find this? That will be my main worry tonight.

  4. Holy Yum! That looks absolutely delicious! I had quite the hankering for some apple pie about two weeks ago and I had to splurge three separate times to satisfy the cravings. Oh, well. It really is worth it! Haha!


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