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feeling like a countryside cabana…



{1. Marc by Marc Jacobs dress or similar here, 2. Anthropologie hanging bed, 3. Kate Spade lido flats, 4. Clare Vivier pouchette, 5. Imps & Elfs baby dress, 6. Virginia Johnson shawl, 7. Belvoir elderflower presse, 8. Crate & Barrel camille plate — Joy} 


  1. Love that bed, though I suspect in might be better in theory than practice. (Hello, seasickness!) I will, however, take the Marc Jacobs dress in a heartbeat!

  2. Can’t get over the hanging bed. Wondering how that would work in reality?? Ah never mind, I still want it in my bedroom.
    Such good finds!

  3. Those espadrilles and that pouch make me feel like I am under one of those gorgeous striped umbrellas on the beach in south of france.
    love the colors!

  4. Those Kate Spade Kate Spade lido flats look so chic and comfortable. I love all these items – especially the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, it’s so pretty!
    The I on Fashion


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