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fashioned florals…



I love the idea of creating a little floral arrangement inspired by another piece of art, fashion, or decor. So, Liz of The Nouveau Romantics created this beautiful, richly colored floral bunch inspired by this Christine Soccio painting. Liz wanted to take advantage of the artist’s use of color which translated into scabiosa, astilbe, ranunculus, garden roses, zinnia, honeysuckle vine, feverfew, and craspedia. I love the colors, the texture and they look just beautiful side-by-side… — Joy

{Thanks Liz!} 


  1. omg someone just refered me to this blog and I’m in heaven! I love flowers and all types of design and I can feel the creativity oozing out of this blog!! The fact that you made an arrangement inspired by art is just so brilliant! Can’t wait to see me!

  2. The Milwaukee Art Museum does this every spring- florists from across the state get assigned a work of art and have to create a floral arrangement inspired by it. It is SO neat to see what they come up with; some literal, some very creative, all so cool. They display the floral arrangements with the pieces behind them so you can judge for yourself. I go every year, and it’s amazing.


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