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happy friday + hello third trimester…


Happy Friday friends! I begin my third trimester next week…so crazy how quickly time flies! As you can see, I'm maximizing my pre-pregnancy pants and shorts for as long as I can thanks to this ingenious tool. However, this little lady is gonna make it hard for my pants to stay on that way pretty soon…she's just about 2 lbs by now {according to typical stats}, and I'm up about 10 lbs. She's also set up camp on the right side of my belly. Did any of you mama's out there have a baby that preferred one side over the other? I imagine she's got a fort set up with some comfy pillows and a good movie in there too.

I'm heading on my last flight during pregnancy this weekend to Philly to see family and looking forward to meeting some of you Monday at my blog workshop! Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{iMac photo booth pics at 27 weeks. Corduroy pink pants from past season at the Gap (similar here), polka dot tee from past season at Zara (similar here), shoes from Liebling.}


  1. I’m just starting week 29 today and I’ve noticed that she seems to like my right side better too. I’m so jealous you can wear your regular pants still. I had to give those up weeks ago because my butt, thighs, and hips have definitely gotten bigger.

  2. Iris liked the right side! This wasn’t particularly noticeable to me until I was in labor. If I was on my back or left side, her heart rate would drop (so scary the first time it happened), so I had to lay on my right side! Once the epidural kicked in, the nurses had to come flip me occasionally so the meds didn’t all drain to the right. Haha! The things we do for our little ones!

  3. My boy has chosen my right side too! He gets the hiccups twice a day too and it’s just so sweet! I love it! Lucky you almost being in the homestretch!!

  4. Joy, you look adorable! My son (Nathaniel) chose my right side too. I remember constantly having my hand there, holding him the outside world. 🙂

  5. Just to add to the chorus – I’m 34 weeks and my little guy has been a right-sider for the whole third trimester so far. Except when he decides to dart over to the other side for a quick change of scenery. Ouch!
    I love how you have looked so stylish throughout pregnancy. It inspires me to put myself together a little better.

  6. I just started week 27 yesterday as well! I think baby is on the right side more, at least that is where most of the activity seems to be, but I can’t see any difference from the outside.

  7. I’ll be 27 weeks on Sunday, and only in the last week or so has the little dude poked me anywhere but my lower left side. So strange, right?
    Hope you feel as great as you look! xo

  8. My little gal was a right side until around 30weeks and now she flips back and forth, which is good. It gives my ribs a little rest. Love the outfit by the way! I can’t wait to get back into pants. 🙂

  9. My little lady spent most of her time up near my rib cage…such a bizarre feeling! And there was a big debate between my midwives as to whether the lump I kept seeing there was her head or her buns!!! (Turns out it was buns…whew!)
    Looking forward to meeting you at Monday’s workshop!

  10. You look adorable, as always!
    And, yes, my sons camped out on my left side – my left ribs protrude a little more now!

  11. oh my gosh, you are so cute. I am 17 weeks along, and just went shopping for maternity clothes last night and was really frustrated . . . seeing how great you look inspires me to not give up and just wear sweatpants for the next 6 months straight!

  12. how exciting! it’s been so nice being able to follow your journey becoming a mama & still going strong with oh joy! 🙂 love your approach to this life event & makes me feel more confident about the possibility of adventuring towards this direction.

  13. You look totally adorable with that outfit! Happy travels and wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!
    By the way, I just host a new giveaway so stop by and enter for a chance to win a piece of fabulous jewelry of your choice. 🙂

  14. Hey Joy, I’m from Brazil and I always read your blog. You are sooooo beautiful with the pregnancy. Congrats for your little girl! Kisses.

  15. i so remember pushing what i thought of as the little head of my daughter out of my rib cage on the right side. it is hard to believe we will be celebrating her 24th birthday in 3 weeks!
    yikes! it goes fast.

  16. Donna,
    I was really sick 1st trimester from nausea so I lost 5 lbs during that time so I think that put me a little behind in the weight gain dept but OB says baby is on track growth wise and not to worry! I do workout a few times a week (not as intense or as much as I used to pre-pregnancy), and Ive always been active so for me it helps feel less sluggish!

  17. Joy, looking soo stylish and gorgeous! 🙂 I envy youuuu…
    The last trimester all my fashion sense went out the window. I exploded faster than the previous two trimesters and just couldn’t keep up. Whenever I thought of getting a new cute outfit, the sense that it would only going to last me 2 mths max stopped me from ever getting anything at all 😀
    My baby girl always has her back at the left and kicks my right rib. She’s late, and is now 4 days past her due as I write this comment. Hopefuly she comes out soon 😉 I already prepared cute tiny dresses for her.
    Wishing you the best for your baby girl too!

  18. oh my…you are seriously cute!! love your outfit + that belly is adorable.
    my babies both liked to stick their behinds out, with their heads down…so, i always had a big lump up high on my belly where their bums were! lol.
    ahhh…how I miss those days.
    Best to you in the final stretch!

  19. I’m at almost 30 weeks and my baby (also a girl) is also sitting on my right side and has been in a little pocket there pretty much since our first ultrasound. She’s sitting on a nerve and making veins go CRAZY…but she’s worth it. Third trimester, here we come!

  20. I’m right behind you a week, and my little boy is an in the middle allllll the way low. As low as he can get, so pants are not fun to wear…
    It’s been fun to compare your progress with my own… Happy Pregnancy to you!

  21. Hi Joy! You look darling! This whole outfit – perfection! Where did you get your Liebling shoes? I can’t find them anywhere here in San Francisco. Keep smiling!

  22. So jealous you can still fit your pants! :(I am 31 weeks tomorrow and I can only pull off maxi dresses. You look so cute and my daughter has decided the left side is hers and that’s where she stays! lol

  23. U look lovely Joy! Looking at your pictures makes me wanna be pregnant again…i just loved it! I’m sad I didn’t know about the workshop earlier…hope maybe next time. Have fun in Philly!


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