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Food Los Angeles

a 72 hour food tour of los angeles…



This past weekend, our favorite New York food-lovin' couple, Mari & Jason, were back in town. So instead of only 36 hours like last time, we had a whole 72 hours to take them on a Part 2 food tour of LA {and to convince them to move here}. We focused on more a few of our favorite ethnic spots this time with a few other non-ethnic favorites woven in there…

Lunch at Gjelina— loved the Roasted Corn and Namako and Duck Sausage Mushroom Pizza…

Cookie stop at Platine — chewy and delicious, the chocolate chip and brown butter cookies were my favorite…

Dinner at Jitladamy favorite Thai restaurant in LA so far…favorites include the Green Curry Dragon Eggs, Crispy Papaya Salad, Mint Noodles, Garlic Crab, and Crying Tiger Pork…

Dinner at Animal— loved the Heirloom Tomato Salad, Pig Ears, Crispy Pig Head, and the Bacon Chocolate Bar…

Brunch at Canelé — our usual weekend staple…Fried Chicken Sandwich and Soft Dutch Pancake with Meyer Lemon Cream…

Lunch at Michael Voltaggio's new sandwich shop, Ink Sack — tried one of all seven sandwiches…my favorites were the Banh Mi and the Jose Andres…

Dinner at Red Medicine — favorites included the Green Papaya, Chicken Dumplings, Brussels Sprouts, Coconut Bavarois, and the Bitter Chocolate

Brunch at the Hollywood Farmer's Market — I always get a pupusa from Delmy's and the Thai Coconut Pancakes from the Thai food stand

Late Lunch at Corner Place — a Korean BBQ restaurant known for their Dohng Chim Ee Gooksoo…a cold, vinegary, pickled radish soup.

Finally, we ended the feast with a snack at La Monarca {not shown}…the Mexican cornbread was amazing. Needless to say, we were stuffed and Mari made a salad for dinner last night as we needed to lighten up a bit after all that eating. It was intense, yet amazing…and so fun enjoying good food with good friends… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. I really should stop reading your blog as I always end up drooling on the keys! The pictures always look as good as the food, if I ever come to LA your blog is the first stop for foodie hot spot research!xxx

  2. Oh my, this is wonderful. Can you believe that I have yet to make it to the Hollywood farmer’s market?! With the Silverlake market literally at the end of my street, I find it hard to go anywhere else! I must try it soon : )
    xoxo Fallon

  3. i love corner place! that pic of the cold noodle soup makes my mouth water. it’s the perfect summer noodle dish!! thanks for sharing! =)

  4. that’s impressive 🙂
    food tours always happen with visitors!
    i went to the beverly hills farmers market yesterday, was nice but probably smaller than the hollywood one. on my ‘to do in LA’ list.

  5. Great photos! I LOVE Gjelina and have been waiting (I don’t know why) to try out Canele. I think I have to have that soft dutch pancake…oh my!

  6. yum, i love all these places. i’ll have to try those thai panckaes!
    btw, the noodles at corner place are called dohng chi mi gooksu. “chee gae” means hot stew and gooksu means noodles.
    i think you’d like the dohng chimi gooksu at myung dong kyoja. they are made with green tea noodles and have all sorts of pretty toppings, like sliced pear and colorful crunchy veggies. perfect for a preggers lady on a hot day. koreans are known to crave neng myun and dong chimi gooksu while pregnant due to the vinegary-ness.

  7. wow, loved your first food tour and will definitely use your tips on my next trip to LA! Your NY food tips were also awesome…would love to see more tours!

  8. I was at brunch at Canele yesterday and my friend and I wanted that pancake and the french toast, and just as we were about to order they informed us they had run out! So jealous !!! 😛
    But we were compensated by having the actor who plays “Bubbles” on HBO’s The Wire bring us our food (he’s married to one of the Canele’s owners). My friend was starstruck, she’s such a fan and he was super nice and chatty.
    Those coconut pancakes look fantastic, thanks for giving us so many ideas for new places to try!

  9. I love this idea, when my boyfriend and I get together with his brother and his brothers girlfriend we always end up planning our trips around food. We’ve already done food tours of San Fran and Chicago, maybe L.A. should be our next stop!

  10. i love this post! thanks for sharing. i love those cold noodles at the Corner Place too. great photos! i really need to check out Red Medicine!!

  11. OK Lady – you are making me hungry and jealous. Although one of these days you have to come out and try Cacao Mexicatessen in Eagle Rock. I think it will make the cut.

  12. I’m still full. 😉
    BTW, on the plane ride home, the pastry chef from Red Medicine was on Hell’s Kitchen.

  13. thanks for your visit to platine and so glad you mentioned us! the Brown Butter/Dark Chocolate/ Smoked Salt cookies are definitely one of our most popular.
    Sorry i didnt get to meet you in person when you visited!


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