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  1. man, i just became a nanny 2 weeks ago for a 1 year old boy (soon to be joined but a new sibling in january) and I have to get one of these for carrying around his/my stuff in! so adorable!

  2. 1. stripes are FOREVER perfect {and unisex…daddy}
    2. any bag with waterproof lining is the way to go!
    3. adjustable shoulder strap rule.
    whatever you choose, you’ll be perfect!
    best – d.
    post script: don’t forget, mommy knows best. 🙂

  3. These are fantastic! I’m all for having a non-diaper-bag diaper bag. Mine is a lot like those you’ve posted, but no stripes. I’m still looking forward to using it as a camera bag when I’m out of the stage of life where I’m always carrying around diapers!

  4. I ordered one of these from her earlier this year for my big Euro-trip. Her standard size Stockholm bag was a little big for what I needed, so I contacted her about making a smaller version, and she did! And was so, so nice about it! There are so many pockets on the inside, you really can’t go wrong with this for a baby bag! Go for it!

  5. Adorable. My baby is turning 1 on Saturday (!!) and I have to say I ditched the official diaper bag by the time he was about 5 months old. You really do just need a good roomy tote (and a lot of pouches/cloth bags/ziplocks to keep everything organized and easy to swap out). My brother designs the bags for Archival ( ) so I use one of those, but I’m very tempted by these stripes!

  6. I was given one of these as a gift for Mother’s Day and I haven’t used my original diaper bag since. I loooove this bag.

  7. I have the one on the top left as a diaper bag and I am in serious love with it! You should totally get it!


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