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{closet & casa} with alyssa yuhas…



who: Alyssa Yuhas, Graphic Designer & Founder of welikewelove

why alyssa rocks: As a graphic designer myself, I give mad props to Alyssa for putting together this beautiful magazine!

in her closet: My go-to summer outfit has been high-waisted shorts paired with pretty button-up tops. I especially love how light and airy this silk shirt by French Connection is. Even in these hot and sweaty summer months, I still feel beautiful and refreshed in this ruffled-collar shirt!

in her casa: One of my favorite possessions is my book collection which sits on top of one of our mismatched 1950's chrome diner chairs that we found abandoned in friend's basement. I love collecting beautifully designed books filled with stunning imagery and ideas. They pair perfectly with the chairs for an eclectic mix!

Thanks Alyssa!

{photos by Shane Yuhas}



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