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With my constant need to snack these days, I've been trying to find snack options that aren't always dessert in nature and offer some nurtritional value for the little lady growing inside my belly. The other day, I tried these fruit and nut bars by Kind, and I'm in love. My favorite, so far, is the almond and coconut flavor shown here. I've already had them for breakfast and snacks, and I love how protein-packed they are and not too sweet. I totally need to stash some in my car and purse for those sudden snacking urges.  — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Love Kind! And if you get chocolate cravings, they have a crazy good dark chocolate and dried cherry cashew bar. My all time fav though is still the almond cocunut one. Perfect.

  2. Joy, you should definitely check out Raw Crunch bars, especially the ones with blueberries. They are to die for and so healthy!

  3. I’m a huge fan of Kind. Being gluten free can get a little tricky when traveling internationally, so I usually stock up my carry-on with a whole box. A little extreme? Maybe.
    Glad you discovered them. So yum!

  4. I appreciate everyone’s positivity of this product, but they are high in sugar, and they ARE processed food. 10 grams of sugar in one bar will spike your blood, that’s a lot. That’s the same as any energy bar if you plan to burn that off at the gym. They are better than eating a bag of chips or a whole pie I guess but that’s not saying much. There is a little protein which is good, but tons of sodium. What’s wrong with eating nuts and dried fruit from a bag then? Less sugar, tastes good, same protein, MUCH cheaper.
    You’d be much better off having a whole grain cracker, or piece of fresh fruit or small yogurt. Or try mixing raisins, almonds, and walnuts, maybe even some dark chocolate in little ziplock bags and carrying it with you. All good solutions for being on the go and not wanting to get hungry or sick between meals. Just a thought…

  5. I was sick with super morning sickness up until the day Charley was born, but I could keep granola bars down! I ate these like 3 times a day… it was an epic amount. I actually haven’t had one since, I think I might have overdone it 🙂

  6. Jenn,
    I totally know what you mean…all the foods I ate (or was able to eat) during my 16 weeks of morning sickness, I barely want to touch now! Glad you found something though that worked! ;P


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