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{closet & casa} with christine martinez…



who: Christine E. Martinez, Interior Designer

why christine rocks: I absolutely love following Christine on Pinterest. Her eye for the bright & glamorous is undeniable!

in her closet: I'm crazy about the big comeback neons have made in fashion recently, and this hot pink mini skirt from Zara has quickly become my new favorite "look at me" piece. As someone who adores bold and brilliant colors, there was no way I was going to let this trend pass me by. Every time I wear this piece, I love how confident I feel. Perhaps it's because it takes some guts to rock a neon mini!

in her casa: I'm quite picky about the pieces I allow in my home, so naturally I have a lot of favorites. But nothing is more dear to my heart than this gorgeous portrait of my trusty side-kick, (and best dog ever) Miles. Drawn by one of my favorite pet portrait artists, Jo Chambers, Miles is seen here sporting a Pucci bow tie and his best under bite smile. It is something I will treasure always.

Thanks Christine!

{photos by Christine}


  1. Love this lady! She makes my teeth sizzle and I seriously hope to someday get her to come and redesign not only my closet (cuz the girl has got mad style), but redesign my casa! So happy to see Christine on here!!

  2. YAY! I adore Christine and Miles and am so happy to see her in this series! Love that skirt, hun and that pic of Miles could NOT be cuter! I would love to have our furry girls done by Jo Chambers. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this ladies!

  3. I’m glad you recommended her, I always like finding new people to follow on Pinterest (I’m just ‘Hannah Thiessen’ there) – and I’m loving the neon trend too. I hope it continues well into fall and winter!

  4. Jo did a portrait of my Shetland Sheepdog, Heath. I am totally in love with it! She drew an adorable red cowboy hat on him. She captured his personality perfectly.


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