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a day at terrain…



Earlier this week, I spent a day in Glen Mills, PA {just outside Philly} with a group of fellow bloggers for an amazing day at Terrain. We were treated to a day of culinary treats from their kitchen, cake sampling with the guys from Baked, mini spa treatments, a terrarium class, and a 7-course farm-to-table dinner to top off the evening. Having lived in Philly before, I've made a few stops to Terrain prior, but hadn't been there in a couple years since I moved West. I found myself falling in love with the shop, the space, and the restaurant all over again. Since I've posted about the retail space before {see here and here}, I wanted to share some images from the amazing food and florals experienced that day…just breathtaking…and so, so fun! {Huge thanks to the team at Terrain for an amazing day!} Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. I feel lucky to live so close to it, and go whenever I need a calming space. I can wander for hours! Looks like you all had an amazing day!!

  2. most of us from your workshop this past Monday are going to Terrain next week to have a “blog refresher” meet-up! Inspiration from you + inspiration from Terrain will = a productive meet-up, I believe! The set-up in your photos are stunning-looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  3. Your photos are perfect Joy! It was such a treat to have the chance to chat with you at Terrain…and boy are you ever a trooper. I would have needed to lay down after about an hour of walking around, but sure enough, every time I glanced over you were just as perky as can be! 🙂

  4. Hey Ez,
    So fun hanging with you too! Ha, and I tried! The heat was def. getting to me but luckily all the good food helped fuel me for the day 😉

  5. I adore Terrain! I get their emails and get on their website frequently and am I always admiring their wonderful products.
    I would love to actually go to their store, but from the looks of it, I don’t think I would not want to leave 🙂

  6. this looks beautiful! as I was scrolling through the pictures in my reader I totally paused on the ones of the Baked boys! Because I thought I KNEW them, like, friends. Then I realized it’s just because I use their books so often, they have started to look like buddies to me!
    I am obsessed with their books they are so well done and fabulous! how fun you got to do a tasting with them!

  7. Terrain is totally my happy place, I used to live just down the road from it in Glen Mills and miss it terribly! Looks like such a fun time and glad you’re getting to experience it!

  8. now that has the makings of a prrrr-fect day. beautiful shots, joy. i would take a blanket, crawl inside and never, ever leave that shop! 🙂


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