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I love this time of year because green figs are in season, and they're my absolute favorite over their brown counterpart. I picked these up at the Hollywood Farmer's Market the other day and enjoying them this morning with thin slices of gruyere cheese…yum! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. mini pedestal by Herriott Grace}


  1. I love these figs, never tried them with gruyere. My best friend had them growing on her little hobby farm. I’ll never forget the day she picked them warmed by the sun and we stood and ate them on the spot… so good.

  2. If you’re my neighbour I would give you all the figs (green)from my tree. I’m not a hardcore fan of figs. I’d say I eat about 5 the maximum out of 1000000000000000 the tree gives me every year. I can’t keep up with the fruits, some of them ends up on the ground rotting. Such a waste and a shame on my part for not liking it as much.

  3. I have never had a green fig! It looks super yumm! How do you eat them? Just sliced with the cheese? I have had fig spread with white cheddar, and it’s amazing – so I imagine this is a pretty rocking combination too!

  4. The pic is beautiful…I too wondered how you actually eat a fig? Do you bite into it skin and all? Would love to know…thank you;)

  5. Hi Michelle,
    Yes, you can eat the whole thing! Some people prefer to peel off the skin, but if a fig is ripe, the whole thing is just perfect!

  6. looks good. I have never eaten a fig before (aside from fig newtons, harhar). they kind of intimidate me. but they are so pretty, I should stop by the farmers market for some fresh figs as well.

  7. I’m snacking on brown figs right now, like the ones that steve mentioned, only these ones are more honey hued and juicy inside. They are so sweet and tasty, I’ve been waiting all year long to have them!

  8. What an absolutely beautiful snack. I’m waiting for the figs on the east coast, and am hoping to dehydrate a few to add to tea. Although California figs are the best… Lucky lady!

  9. Dear Joy,
    I’m reading your blog since few days only, but now you got me addicted as you’re eating Gruyere and you know of course it comes from Switzerland where i live 😉
    Thank you for sharing so much beautiful things and delight food !!
    p.s. Congrats for the lil’schrimp ! looking forward to next friday pic !

  10. I love the Hollywood Farmer’s market. The goat cheese is to die for there. As are these natural fruit bars – That’s it! I’m in love. Ps – that fig picture is gorgeous!!


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